Dr. Bike Horsham District - delivered by Velo Square

FREE bike safety-check & repair clinics in Horsham, Southwater & Broadbridge Heath

Delivered by Velo Square as part of Cycling UK's 'Big Bike Revival' and funded by the UK Department for Transport.

Events kindly supported by Horsham District Wellbeing Service, Horsham District Council, Southwater Parish Council and Places Leisure.

Dr. Bike Clinics offer free 30-minute appointments where your bike will be inspected and have minor repairs and adjustments made in order to make it safe to ride again. Please see below for examples of repairs that can be carried out at Dr. Bike Clinics

Every bike inspected is given a service report listing the work carried out and detailing any further work needed to make the bike roadworthy. If further work is needed you will be referred to a local service who can offer an estimate for the cost of the required work. You are responsible for the cost of any further work needed.

Choose one of five events in Horsham, Southwater & Broadbridge Heath

Choose from the events below and click the link to visit our Eventbrite booking page where you can choose from the available appointments. Appointments are limited to one-per-person and are for 30 minutes. Please read the booking terms and conditions and ensure you arrive in plenty of time for your appointment.

Online booking helps ensure everyone who wants an appointment can get one. However, if for any reason you are unable to book via Eventbrite please contact Velo Square via email at drbike@velosquare.uk or call 07786 633 582.

Sat 13 Nov - Lintot Square, Southwater - 11:00-17:00

Fri 19 Nov - The Forum, Horsham - 11:00-18:00

Wed 24 Nov - The Bridge, Broadbridge Heath - 15:00-20:00

Wed 01 Dec - Lintot Square, Southwater - 11:00-18:00

Sat 04 Dec - The Forum, Horsham - 11:00-17:00

Work we do on your bike might include some (but not all) items such as:

  • Fixing a flat tyre

  • Adjusting gears, brakes, bearings or contact points (saddle, bars, pedals, etc.)

  • Replacing a brake or gear cable or brake blocks

  • Cleaning and lubricating a chain

  • Straightening ('truing') a lightly buckled wheel

Work we WILL NOT do on your bike includes:

  • Replacing major components such as drivetrain (chains, cassettes, derailleurs, etc.), wheels, tyres, saddles or major bearings (headset, bottom bracket, etc.)

  • Partial or complete rebuilds of disassembled bikes

  • Fitting parts you have already purchased for your bike

  • Replacing broken spokes, rebuilding or straightening a severely buckled wheel

  • Welding, brazing, soldering or frame repairs

  • Tapping, cutting or repairing threads

  • Paint or finish repairs

  • Tubeless or tubular tyre setup or repair

If you are unsure whether your bike can be repaired within this scheme or whether you should book an appointment please contact the organiser, Velo Square, who will be happy to advise: drbike@velosquare.uk


  1. This is a free service and in order to fix as many bikes as possible we are only allowed to begin work on bikes which we believe can be made roadworthy within the 30 minute appointment. While we'd love to fix every bike brought to us, this is simply not possible with the time and funding available; if we advise that we cannot make your bike roadworthy please respect this and let us move on to help the next person with their bike. Thank you!

  1. Where it is deemed that your bike cannot be made safe to ride within 30 minutes and, that any work which could be completed in 30 minutes would comprise less than 75% of that needed to achieve this, we may decline to begin work on your bike. If this happens we will still provide you with a full inspection report and refer you to a local provider for an estimate.

  1. Please arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. If you arrive late we may be unable to begin work on your bike or may only be able to offer you the time remaining from your original appointment. That said, things do sometimes go wrong in bike maintenance, especially on older or unmaintained bikes, so if we are running a little behind please bear with us; it'll only be because we're working hard to fix a problem.

  1. When working on older or unmaintained bikes, things can and do break due to age, abuse or previous poor maintenance. This in turn might mean we need a little more time to fix the problem or we may need to refer you to another local provider to fix the issue if we run out of time. We'll have a good idea if this is likely from inspecting your bike but without a crystal ball we can't predict everything. Either way, we'll do our best to put things right in the time available.