Highly experienced, fully insured and discreet, Velo Square uses 30 years' experience and high quality equipment to get you back on your bike and back on the road

Whether it's commuting, popping to the shop, taking the kids to school, hitting the trail with friends or getting in the miles with the local club, our bikes are an essential tool for our daily lives and wellbeing.

Velo Square is run by Peter Shaw, and starting with his first job 30 years ago at a local bike shop, he's been building, repairing and maintaining bikes ever since. When setting up Velo Square, Pete was determined to get away from the 'man in van' cliche of conventional mobile bicycle repair and realised that in a town the size of Horsham, you really don't need a massive long-wheelbase van in order to help people keep their bikes running.

Working from an e-cargo bike with custom trailer-workbench means Velo Square can setup anywhere there's sufficient space (from just 2.5 x 2.5m) yet still complete 95% of work without needing to take your bike away. And there's no falling out with neighbours or colleagues over the loss of parking spaces! Even better, for group or club bookings and corporate events the entire mobile workshop can be quickly and easily setup pretty much anywhere, indoors or out.

Being bike-based also means that we don't try and squeeze too many appointments into each day, leaving us more time to give your bike the attention and care it deserves. Every service also come with a full summary of inspection and work carried out, meaning you know exactly what's been done and what may need doing in the future.

Private and corporate event bookings are available and we can often be found at pop-up events with local partners.

*We have a strong working relationship with a well known local bike shop and may occasionally refer you to them for certain types of work or if we're unable to offer an appointment that's convenient for you.